Losing or gaining weight is a unique struggle for every person. We all know certain people that can eat whatever they want, and not gain an ounce. Others go to the gym for two weeks, down a protein drink or two, and put on 20lbs of muscle. Metabolism seems to be king when it comes to weight management. When identical diets and workout plans give entirely different results to two individuals, controlling our physique feels impossible.

Enter Angelo Poli. Angelo is an expert in body transformations. He helps people obtain their physical performance goals and preferred physique. His method is to first analyze and diagnose how your body reacts to different amounts of food intake and physical output. From a database of collected body responses over the years, Angelo and his team then determine what food and exercise is right for you and your goals.

We interviewed Angelo on the Running for Real podcast today and made sure to ask the hard questions: Is body transformation the best goal to have? What if I don’t want to focus on the numbers on the scale? What if I like to eat socially? Doesn’t meal prepping take too much time?

The answers to these questions show a new way to think about metabolism and personal health planning. Listen along or read below to see how approaching your physical goals with a unique plan will give you the body you want.

Can You Really Change Your Metabolism?

Now that we have determined that metabolism is unique for all and that it controls much of our weight gain or loss, what can we do about it? First, we should remember that what works for one person, won’t work for another. Avoid comparing yourself to those that put you in a bad mood. We don’t know exactly what they eat or how they exercise. Even if we did, we don’t know how their body reacts to those inputs and outputs differently than our body would.

To get the results you want, you need a plan unique for you. A great way to get started is to work with a professional like Angelo to get a complete analyze of where your body currently is. Then you can create a plan to strengthen your weaknesses.

Angelo compares this process of analysis and planning to doing a pushup. If you start doing pushups without the proper form, you will not get the gains you hope for, and may even injure yourself. If, however you work on the proper form first, even by doing exercises that will help you do pushups prior to doing them, your energy will be more efficiently spent. The same is true for any physical goal.

Wait, so can I change my metabolism or not?

Angelo’s short answer: Yes.

The Body’s Rules of Adaptability

Metabolism is how the body reacts to input in the form of food and output in the form of physical movement. Everyone’s is a little different, or, a lot different. Technically, it is the whole range of biochemical processes happening in your body. But for our sake, it’s just how efficiently your body uses energy.

However, just because you have a certain metabolism, doesn’t necessarily mean you are stuck with it. Since our bodies are adapting machines, it tries to be the most efficient with what you are currently giving it. This is exactly why it can be difficult for many to lose weight. Your body gets used to what you have been doing to it over the years and actually becomes quite efficient at giving you what you need even if you aren’t giving it what it needs.

Just like we change our running workouts when our body plateaus, to get to certain weight or physique goals, we need to get our metabolism to change.

For example, let’s look at someone looking to lose 100lbs. The first 60lbs might come easily. Week after week you see results. After some time, your body will stop. Its metabolism isn’t “fast” enough to get rid of the last 40lbs. 

Angelo will often have people switch strategies at that point by gaining each pound back that you lose by eating more, building up your metabolism’s speed so to speak. Then after a few weeks or months, you back off on the amount you are eating again to drop another 20lbs and then switch strategies again.

Goals vs. Values

Angelo says that in order to obtain lifelong goals, we need to create values. Values create a system of doing things, a long term, constant way of life. 

One-time goals on the other hand, only last as long as specific steps to get to the goal last. If your goal is to run a marathon, you will run until you complete your race. If you value your health, and want to have a healthy lifestyle through running, you will never stop.

Whatever your physique or performance goals are, look for ways to incorporate personal values. You will find more meaning in your workouts and will be able to maintain a way of life that you truly desire.


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