“Running is a very small part of me as a person. So I do think this entire past year has been a great exercise for athletes to embrace all parts of themselves. To realize that you have more to offer than just running. To feel free to speak your mind about it.” — Amelia Boone

Love, community, and a strong support network.

I think the number one thing I’ve been seeking all these years is community. 
Eating disorders are very isolating. They’re diseases that thrive in secrecy, she says. It wasn’t until understanding that all those lies and secretiveness were impeding the things that I wanted in life: love, community, and a strong support network.

Aligning Actions with Core Values

The biggest thing in this past year for Amelia is making life decisions in accordance with the values that are important to her. Number one is community, which is the reason she uprooted herself and I moved to Colorado from California because that’s where the majority of her friend group is.
Her advice is listing your core values and the things that are motivating you and then trying to align your actions with that. Something that helped her navigate this was ACT therapy: acceptance and commitment therapy. 

We’re not athletes in a vacuum

Running is a very small part of Amelia. She shares that this past year has been a great exercise for athletes to embrace all parts of themselves. What makes you unique apart from running and sports. For her, she’s involved with plenty of other things including being an attorney. 
Ask yourself– Do you realize that you have more to offer than just running on and like your field? Feel free to speak your mind about it, she says. “Yes, I still run most days, but it’s probably third or fourth on my list of things.”

Looking ahead

“I’m just trying to embrace it as another year of adventure on being okay with the unknown,” Amelia says. The number one thing to focus on right now is just compassion. Compassion for yourself and compassion for others, because everyone is going through different battles right now. And that, to me, is the one thing that we need more of in this world is just total compassion for each other. 


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