Allie Kieffer stormed back onto the running scene by coming in as the second US woman, and fifth overall, in the 2017 NY Marathon with a 15 minute personal best.  She became a runner for Oiselle early this year and selected them because of the focus on women and community.  Allie ran in college for Wake Forest, made the 2012 10k Olympic Trials but retired in 2013 after injury.  Because of her love of running she self-coached her way back, which is amazing it its own right.

Allie and I cover a wide range of subjects: how she focused on what effort she felt she could sustain in order to smash 15 minutes off her personal best to take everyone by surprise in that 2017 marathon,  her advocacy for positive body image and setting a goal of good healthy living and balance in her life and what she is currently doing to heal a stress fracture in her foot.

Allie and I cover whether you should strive for a race weight and what that could mean for your performance overall and your ability to give your body what it needs to perform at it.

Allie is one of my role models and I trust you will get as much out of this chat as I have. 

What you will learn about

  • How Allie took 15 min off her PR in the 2017 NYC Marathon, finishing in 5th place and the second American woman
  • How your race should be about the effort you can sustain, how you are feeling, and not any end result
  • How weight training and having more muscle has made her a better runner
  • How Allie ran a 2016 marathon on a 200 meter indoor track (211 laps) as the only woman and set a new world record
  • To be healthy, eat mostly vegetables, whole foods, and don’t eat too much.  Be sure to get regular exercise.  You don’t have to say no to anything.
  • If you are under-eating to get to a “race weight” it is likely not healthy for you.  How would you know what an ideal race weight might be anyway?  Some runners are being told they are too small, some too big.  You have to figure out what your body needs and listen to it.  
  • How she came to be an advocate/spokesperson for positive body image and taking ownership of yourself and doing what is right and healthy for you
  • How she is dealing with a stress fracture in the second metatarsal of her foot causing her to have to drop out of the NYC Half and London Marathon. How she has been using cross training on an elliptical (and ElliptiGO) and pool running to stay in condition.

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Allie’s Power Pose

Inspirational Quotes:

Don’t box yourself in by putting limits on what you think you are capable of. Set yourself up for success, not failure.

If you can’t eat out at a restaurant or have anxiety about it, you are not being healthy.


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  • I’d like to rephrase the “You can’t eat just salad.” to “You can’t eat just lettuce.”. The nice thing about salads is that you can put anything in them you need.

    Pick some greens as a starting point. (Greens are a nice source of nonheme iron and rucola is packed with nitrate, to give you that NO-boost). Load it up with pulses/legumes (as carb stuffing animals, runners can really use the “second meal-effect” they have on our blood sugar levels). Add some thin slithers of red cabbage. Put in some avocado for fat. Add some left over baked sweet potatoe if you need more carb or want to balance the aminoacid profile. Pick some more veg to your liking (bell pepper are loaded with vit. C, beets add some more nitrate, broccoli add sulforaphane). Top it off with nuts and seeds and a dressing with herbs and spices.

    You can make a delicious, filling, balanced salad, that won’t starve you calorie wise and if anything may be overly nutritious.

    You can toss in a variety off textures, flavours and nutrients. Never a dull salad. Eat it with toast with peanut butter or Marmite (or apple butter for the sweet tooth). Pick the ingredients depending on the point in your monthly cycle, or on whether you’re recovering or about to do a hard workout.

    The variety the salad provides, both nutritionally and culinary can make that daily big salad you have for lunch the corner stone in your training plan. Toss it in a blender and you have a morning smoothie. Add some warm or luke-warm ingredients, and you can call it diner. So if I had to pick one single food I had to “just eat”…. It would be salad. No doubt.

  • Love Allie’s overall message! So glad to have Allie and Tina in the public eye 🙂

    (Also, I totally agree with Chris on the salad thing!)

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